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The IJssel Biennial

Date 14-06-2017 - 24-09-2017

A remarkable outdoor exhibition along the river IJssel

In the summer of 2017 the first edition of the IJssel Biennial will take place. The IJssel Biennial is an ode to the river IJssel with an exceptional art exhibition route from Doesburg to Hattem/Zwolle. From June to September more than 25 works by well-known (inter)national artists will be on display as you meander along the Netherlands’ most beautiful river. Together with a rich and varied activity programme and special exhibitions at renowned museums in the region, the event represents the perfect opportunity to visit this extraordinary region.

Experience the IJssel valley as never before

The IJssel Biennial connects all of the nicest things about the river with each other. Historical Hanseatic League cities, meandering dikes, old brick factories, stately homes and their estates, and idyllic views which, together with the artworks, tell the story of the river and its landscape. The artworks have been produced especially for the IJssel and offer a new and different way of experiencing the river landscape.

Theme: climate change

As a result of climatological changes worldwide, the river IJssel has also changed considerably in recent years. This is why we have asked artists to examine the causes and effects of climate change in the IJssel valley. Subjects such as the malleability of nature, high water and extreme drought have resulted in dreamlike works of art, visionary panoramas and uncompromising scenarios of doom.

Choose your own route

Walking, cycling or would you prefer to travel by boat? During this event, you can decide for yourself how you wish to view and experience the artworks. Choose one of the many routes, ranging from cycling routes to walking routes lasting several hours. Or combine your tour with a short stay in the region. There are countless possibilities for spending the night, so you can continue along your route the following day. You could also take a trip to the Anningahof sculpture park, the Stedelijk Museum in Zwolle or museum More. Alongside the international outdoor exhibition, numerous special activities will be organised that have a direct connection with the IJssel, such as an exhibition of works by local artists, a concert and a literary festival. The IJssel Biennial brings together all of these activities in a packed programme that lasts the whole summer!

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Hansa fact A unique find was made in the Ijssel near Kampen. According to archaeologists, it is a Cog ship from the 14th or 15th century, used in the Hanze era to sail to the Baltic Sea to trade there.