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Sturdy wooden fishing boats with a dark brown sail that you hoist by giving the halyards a sharp pull… With these old Dutch fishing boats, called botters, you’re in for an unforgettable experience! Rent your very own boat as a group and find out what it’s all about!

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the water and hang out on deck with a drink and tasty bite. Or maybe you’d rather help hoist the sails, raise the jib and push the centreboard in the water? You could also simply enjoy the sailors’ stories about how, in the past, fishermen used these very boats to fish in the Zuiderzee bay. has two botters and two Wieriger Aak barges. One ship takes about 12 people, excluding the captain and crew. You can also moor on an island, Bieze for example, and enjoy a barbecue with the whole group.

Address Havendam 1
Postal code 3844 WC
City Harderwijk
Telephone 0031 (0)341 460404
Hansa fact The oldest library of the Netherlands can be found in Zutphen, De Librije (’s-Gravenhof).