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City Museum Harderwijk

Stadsmuseum Harderwijk (Harderwijk City museum) is a small museum that hosts grand exhibitions by both famous and budding artists from the Netherlands and beyond, showcasing their modern abstract or realist works.

The museum also gives you an insight into the rich and colourful history of Harderwijk, which flourished into a Hanseatic city on the Zuiderzee shore, a minting city and a university city. This rich history comes to life with images and sounds. The museum building itself, a former patrician residence from about 1790, is also very impressive.

Address Donkerstraat 4
Postal code 3841 CC
City Harderwijk
Telephone 0031 (0)341 414 468
Hansa fact A unique find was made in the Ijssel near Kampen. According to archaeologists, it is a Cog ship from the 14th or 15th century, used in the Hanze era to sail to the Baltic Sea to trade there.