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City Museum Zutphen & Museum Henriette Polak

The Museum Henriette Polak in Zutphen was opened in 1975 and was named for one of its founders, the arts patron Polak-Schwarz (1893-1974).

In the City Museum Zutphen you can see the history of Zutphen in an original way, thanks to the great variety of objects coming to life. The history of archaeological finds, handicrafts, textiles, toys, paintings, prints to the special collection Zutphens silver with refined potpourri's who were exclusively made in this area.

Address 's Gravenhof 4
Postal code 7201 DN
City Zutphen
Hansa fact In Kampen, you can travel back to the time of the Hanze by visiting the Koggewerf (Cof Wharf) and the Cog ship called the Kamper Kogge