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Museum Elburg

Museum Elburg wants to bid visitors to the town a warm welcome and offers an inviting and engaging introduction to the fortified town’s cultural history. To this aim, the museum takes its collection outside, using one or more ‘carriers’ and, equally, takes the city and its surroundings into the museum as well.

The unique museum building, situated on the access route to the fortified town, is used to its full potential.Note: unfortunately, at present, the museum is unable to
accommodate wheelchairs.

Address Jufferenstraat 8
Postal code 8081 CR
City Elburg
Telephone + 31 (0)525-681341
Hansa fact In the Middle Ages, there was a separate Hanze greeting: ‘Habeant hansam suam’. Translated from Latin, this roughly means ‘let us seal a Hanze’.